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Porcelain veneers are "wafer-thin" porcelain shells that are made to order in a lab and then bonded onto the front of teeth to give the smile a stunning and natural appearance. Because of the laminates' strength and the conservative technique's minimal tooth preparation requirements, they will maintain their attractive appearance for years with careful care. Porcelain laminates are frequently used by the dentists to improve the appearance of teeth that have had extensive restoration or that are stained, worn, chipped, or out of alignment.

We typically schedule a consultation appointment before applying laminates to talk about the patient's specific requirements and aspirations for his or her smile. A wax mimic of the laminates is made in our lab in accordance with our instructions using the models of the patient's teeth that were taken at this consultation. We sit down with the patient during a follow-up appointment and go over the case while holding the "before" and "after" models. In this approach, the patient can get a good sense of the end outcome before the teeth are even touched. 


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