Oral Cancer Screenings


Oral Cancer Screenings in Summerlin

One of the least talked about but most common types of cancer is oral cancer. In reality, recent data from the American Cancer Society reveals that, despite fewer cases of cancer generally in the country, cases of oral cancer are actually on the rise, along with the disease's fatality rate.

The severity of oral cancer can be considerably reduced with appropriate screening and early diagnosis. But like with most cancer types, it's important to be able to spot cancer early on. In order to quickly and reliably identify lesions that might be signs of oral cancer, our practice uses cutting-edge oral cancer screening technology. Your dentist can do an oral cancer screening that can find lesions that are hidden from the unaided human eye using specialized lights and optics. These exams are quick and comfortable, and best of all, they are the most effective approach to make sure that your mouth is cancer-free and healthy.

We advise all of our patients to undergo an annual oral cancer screening, especially if you:

use or have used tobacco products during the last ten years

Previously received a cancer diagnosis of any kind

Talk to us right away about the risks and symptoms of oral cancer, and make an appointment for a screening at your next visit to avoid becoming a statistic!


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