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Replacement of dental structure lost to decay or fracture is known as a restoration, or "filling." Technology advancements in tooth-colored restorative materials allow us to recreate the full appearance and functionality of a full set of healthy teeth.

Bonding is a popular method for restoring or repairing fractured or chipped teeth, closing unsightly gaps between teeth, and covering up discolored or fading portions on the tooth's surface. Composite bonding is used to make your teeth look better and brighten your smile.

A composite resin substance is glued to an existing tooth, as the name suggests. Since it uses a very cautious direct technique, only one visit is necessary. Additionally, it is a very flexible approach that enables chair side patient input to change shape, texture, and hue.

Even teeth that have been significantly restored with ugly and unhealthy silver/mercury fillings can be made to appear beautiful again thanks to our utilization of cutting-edge tooth-colored resin and porcelain materials.


When bad bacteria in your mouth produce acids that attack the tooth enamel, it can result in tooth decay, which is damage to the tooth. This may result in a cavity, or small hole, in the tooth. A larger hole or even the complete destruction of the tooth might result from more serious decay. Without treatment, dental decay can result in discomfort, infection, and even tooth loss.

When a tooth is often exposed to acid—for instance, if you frequently eat or drink, especially foods and beverages that contain sugar and starches—the enamel continues to lose minerals as a result of the repeated acid attacks. Mineral loss may cause a white area to show up. An early symptom of degradation is this.

At this time, tooth decay can either be stopped or reversed. Fluoride from toothpaste or other sources, along with minerals from saliva, can help the enamel heal itself. But additional minerals are lost as the tooth decay process progresses. The enamel weakens and breaks down with time, creating a cavity.


Cavities can today be filled with a variety of materials, including silver-colored (amalgam) fillings and tooth-colored (composite) fillings. Because many people prefer tooth-colored fillings and because composite resin materials keep getting better, they are being utilized more frequently to fill teeth.

Crowns are another type of therapy used to restore severely damaged teeth. Crowns can be composed of porcelain, stainless steel, or other metals in addition to gold (usually used on baby teeth). Dental crowns and fillings typically do not last a lifetime.

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